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Clodagh May Collaborates with The Houseband

Date posted: 11th October 2021
Category: Collective
Clodagh may

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Clodagh May is the first artist featured in The Houseband's collaboration with the Magy’s Farm collective.

Derry native Clodagh has been making music since her young childhood, but the past few years have seen a burst of development during the course of her Music degree at Ulster University and her mentorship at Magy’s Farm.

With her debut EP in the works, Clodagh joined The Houseband to work on another of her originals, Break Your Heart, full of rock attitude from her inspirations Patti Smith, Bonnie Raitt, Hayley Williams and Kate Bush.

Break Your Heart is about when you just know a relationship isn’t working, but you have so much love for the person and know that they’re a really good person so you want to warn them that you’ll only hurt them if the relationship continues, but in a way where you cause as little damage as possible. It’s a very fine line in relationships, and causes so much worry and stress when the right decision is the hardest one.”

Catch Clodagh at the Sound of Belfast festival on November 10th, and keep an eye on her socials for the upcoming EP release!

Recorded live on location at Sonic Visuals studios, Ballymena, County Antrim

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