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Providing opportunities for musicians

Set up by husband and wife team Dr. Linley Hamilton and Maggie Doyle, Magy’s Farm is a music space at their farm, providing opportunities for musicians to play, rehearse, record and perform.

In July 2020 they established the Collective, which was designed to bring elite talent to the next level and secure pathways into the industry for the most gifted young performers.

Here, you can explore both our catalogue of live gigs and video sessions within Magy's Farm Sessions, and meet the musicians who are part of Magy's Farm Collective.

Our goals

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Nurturing growth

Creating an environment where talent can be mentored in a safe space and with a team ethic, where experience meets raw ability and positivity provides the capacity for positive development.

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Honouring the past

Respecting experience and moving the focus of the farm from cultivating the land to growing the music through mentorship, performance and embracing new technologies.

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Looking to the future

Identifying talent with a passion and commitment, and creating opportunities for imagination in conditions that inspire innovation and support youth development.

An image of Maggie Doyle and Linley Hamilton, founders of Magy's Farm

Magy's Farm Collective

Magy's Farm Collective
Magy's Farm member Cara Quinn Magy's Farm member Lára O'Donnell Magy's Farm member Rhian Brownlow

Designed to bring elite talent to the next level

Focused on securing pathways into the industry for the most gifted young performers, the Collective is currently host to five girls from UU Music: Niamh Murray, Cara Quinn, Rhian Brownlow, Clodagh May and Lara O’Donnell.

The Collective members are producing amazing original songs that have been recorded and produced by an eleven-person team of mentors.

Just some of what we provide

  • 1-to-1 mentoring

    A mentoring team specifically chosen to pass on learning through industry experience at the highest level, with songwriting and vocal coaches, instrumentalists and music business advisors.

  • Rehearsal space & facilities

    Provision of a rehearsal space fully equipped with KAWAI piano, drum kit, PA and amps and a wonderful video team available on request.

  • Recording opportunities

    Opportunities have been taken during lockdown to provide a video and audio option for YouTube Premier Concerts and promotional assets. These will continue and are available on request.

Meet our musicians

Keep up to date with the latest news at Magy’s Farm

LÁRA Performs at 10 Downing Street

20.11.2021 in Collective

As part of the 21 Artists for the 21st Century programme, LÁRA performs at 10 Downing Street

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Linley Hamilton Quintet Performs at London Jazz Festival

20.11.2021 in General

Linley Hamilton Quintet: Jimi Hendrix Meets Miles Davis

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Magy's Farm Girls Dominate Sound of Belfast Festival

20.11.2021 in Sessions, Collective

Huge congratulations from everyone involved to the girls on their successful debut gig

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Interested in performing at Magy’s Farm?

At Magy's Farm we host exclusive and intimate performances, promoting the best local talent, and we’re always looking out for new artists to promote.

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