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Liane Carroll Dazzles Magy's Farm

Date posted: 17th February 2022
Category: Sessions
Lianne Carroll clodagh

Anyone who has met the Magy's Farm team will be aware that Liane Carroll is one of our favourite jazz singer of all time. Here at Magy's Farm, we share our affection for Liane with anyone who will listen; we consider her to be one of the leading practitioners of dynamic contouring in the world (that’s something that our very own Doctor of Jazz seems to be into!)

It is no surprise then that for Magy's Farm founders Linley and Maggie, this was a dream come true. Liane came with a little bit of a sore throat, but was in mesmerizing form as she performed some of her most well-loved songs, (Mercy Now, Picture in a Frame, Seaside) and bent them, shaped them, caressed them, obliterated them with all the passion and love that any singer could possibly muster.

Liane Carroll brought her A-Game to this gig, the audience in complete disbelief and wonder, grateful to have been present for an exclusive performance by one of the world’s great vocalist.

Liane was joined towards the end of her performance by Linley and the Magy’s Farm Collective starlet she mentors, Clodagh Biggs, who quite literally, had the experience of a lifetime.

Massive thanks to Liane for visiting us at Magy's Farm.

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