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The Ari Hoenig Trio Shines at Magy's Farm

Date posted: 15th October 2021
Category: Sessions

The Ari Hoenig Trio lit a torch in the hearts of those who were present at the first post-Covid Magy’s Farm session. An invited audience witnessed one of the most spellbinding performances ever seen, both on the farm and otherwise, as the band reassembled the groove in complex time signatures. They realigned the beat in a way that moved the feet, hearts and minds of those present. The audience and performers becam united in shock and awe in the emotional realisation that they were sharing an experience in the presence of greatness. Magy's Farm would live to thank Ari Hoenig, Tom Ollendorff, and Conor Chaplin for performing.

The band:
Ari Hoenig-drums
Conor Chaplin-bass
Tom Ollendorff-guitar

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