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Tom Ollendorff Trio Dazzles Magy's Farm

Date posted: 8th June 2022
Category: Sessions
Tom ollendorf 1

May welcomed this special return to Magy’s Farm for leader guitarist Tom Ollendorff, and bassist Conor Chaplin.

Tom and Conor visited previously in November 2021 with world-class drummer Ari Hoenig, who shook the quaint farm to the rafters. This gig was no different.

Guest American drummer Jason Brown, famous for his work with Cedar Walton, Jonathan Kreisberg and Monty Alexander, with whom he played Ronnie Scott’s the night before, fitted into the ensemble beautifully. Brown expertly and professionally demonstrating his ability to adapt, to blend dynamically and to creatively explore his rhythmic options and variations- whether holding the melodic form or in the solo options that came his way.

Chaplin was rock solid on bass- impressive, always listening, always clear in his intent. Ollendorff has a magical sound, which reinforced everything he did musically with complex time underpinning his lines, sweeping melodic statements and of course, fabulous writing.

Their performance as a three-piece band captured the audience, leaving them spellbound and begging for more with a standing ovation.

In traditional Magy's Farm fashion, the band later joined Maggie and Linley in the kitchen for a celebration of their success.

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