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Anders Bergcrantz trio

Anders Bergcrantz trio

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Anders Bergcrantz trio, live in session.

About the session

Well this was one we had been looking forward to for a long time. Sweden's Anders Bergcrantz, undoubtedly one of the leading jazz trumpeters in Europe, who improvises creatively at all times, reharmonising as he goes, sculpting brand new approaches to the music every time, bringing heaps of space with him in the early part of his solos and then using the ideas he instinctively creates to weave new melodic tapestries that are melodically and harmonically linked to the tune they are playing, but which also encompasses his years of playing throughout America and Europe that have cumulatively generated this unique, in-the-moment style. No chord-instrument this time, so the unit had to accept shared responsibility for every musical format of the night. Gonzalo played beautifully on drums, a massive command of his instrument, but Dublin's Dave Redmond the controlling essence, inspired bass playing, flamboyant soloing, complex lock-ins with the drums and a huge energy that infected the room. Brilliant guys!


Anders Bergcrantz


Dave Redmond


Gonzalo de Val

Session date

October 2023

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