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Andrew Baker Quartet

Andrew Baker Quartet

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Andrew Baker Quartet, live in session.

About the session

The Andrew Baker Quartet at Magy’s Farm was exhilarating! Four young, hard-working, highly-engaging titans of the UK jazz scene gave us a taste of an exciting future for jazz in the UK. With vigorous and complex arrangements of highly charged originals, passion and commitment to the music and each other, we were treated to an edge-of-the seat performance for 90 minutes of brilliant music. Tom Gibbs displayed amazing patience at times as he structured mature narrative in his solos whilst also exploring advanced rhythmical and harmonic ideas which provided a platform for the other musicians to launch from. Doug Hough was creative, but was so locked in to the pre-composed drum parts that unified the rhythm section in the melodies. Conor Murray was a solid, driving force, and heavily involved in steering the dynamics of the pieces to shape the architecture of the band as a unit, while Baker was dominant with an intensity that was as captivating whether he was dazzling technically in the faster numbers, or lyrically painting a picture of his personal relationship with the music in the slower numbers. It was a beautiful night...


Conor Murray


Andrew Baker


Tom Gibbs


Doug Hough

Session date

August 2023

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