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Ant Law Alex Hitchcock Quartet

Ant Law Alex Hitchcock Quartet

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Ant Law Alex Hitchcock Quartet, live in session.

About the session

Wow! Well we have been looking forward to this one for a looonnnggg time. An international band of immense caliber...with Jasper Hoiby bass from Copenhagen, formerly Phronesis, UK top guitarist and tenor sax players Ant Law and Alex Hitchcock, and Korean drummer now residing in Amsterdam, Sun-Mi Hong. Four superb musicians of international pedigree who have come together for this terrific project and made Magy’s Farm the 13th gig of a 14-date tour all over Europe.

The music was amazing, all original, with seamless transition between complex unison lines that were shared between guitar and sax, bass and sax and sometimes all three. Incredible levels of intuition as pre-composed melodies and choppy, accented motifs were transferred between the musicians in an ebb and flow of shear musical mastery. We knew they were good, but it didn’t prepare us for the sheer intensity of it all: Law's fluency, Hitchcock's creativity, patience and authority, Hoiby's technical brilliance and huge sound, and most dazzling of all, the other-level drumming of one of the most awe-inspiring musicians we have had at the Farm, Sun-Mi Hong. She was on fire, highly energetic, authorative, displaying independence across her limbs, dynamically perfect at all times, with specific parts intermittently exchanging between creative brilliance.

It was all it was cracked up to be and more, and reminded us that we at Magy's Farm are facilitators to the musicians, servants to the music and translators to the audience. Only good can come from these opportunities of shared camaraderie, communion with the music and each other. There is something special going on here...


Ant Law


Alex Hitchcock


Jasper Hoiby


Sun-Mi Hong

Session date

March 2023