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Christine Tobin & Phil Robson

Christine Tobin & Phil Robson

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Christine Tobin & Phil Robson, live in session.

About the session

What a lovely follow-up to that full-on Blakey gig last week. A chance for a breather, although no less intense, as guitarist Phil Robson and his partner Christine Tobin, who spent much of the last ten years flying their kite in New York, but who have temporarily, at least, made Ireland their home.

It was so intimate, voice and could hear a pin drop as the music drew the listener in...a masterful control of dynamic contouring adding the nuance to the strategically crafted instances of tension and release that informed the poignancy of the music...a mix of originals and tunes from previous albums. Robson was sublime with magnificent chord voicings and textured lines providing the perfect platform for one of the UK's most respected vocalists to project the meaning of the songs with a voice that had a warmth and presence that would be instantly recognisable if I heard it again.

It was that of those evenings when the music enhanced the community and lifted the spirit.


Phil Robson


Christine Tobin

Session date

January 2023