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Dave O'Higgins Rob Luft Quartet

Dave O'Higgins Rob Luft Quartet

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Dave O'Higgins Rob Luft Quartet, live in session.

About the session

Well this was our last gig of 2023, so there was a celebratory twinge to proceedings with a little nip of prosecco and a wee dram of mulled wine to overcome any inhibitions. It certainly did the trick! We have a special relationship with Scott Flanigan and Andrew McCoubrey at Magy's Farm already and ofcourse Scott's Jazz Club key to the success we are having in Northern Ireland today, along with Bert's Jazz Bar in Belfast – a three-pronged attack that is building new audiences and enhancing our reputation abroad. Scott assembled the band for this tour having been a part of the UK band for so long before the pressure of his success in Ireland made travel all but impossible. The band was extremely good...O'Higgins commanding at every juncture, with an advanced harmonic palette to choose from, years of experience and gorgeous compositions, a team player with the confidence of an old master but still fresh in his musical approach. Rob Luft really had something special going on…his lines, his sound, his voicings, his approach to narrative which seems to be what underpins that unique side to his playing that sees him constantly touring the world as an artist and collaborator. Scott, well he was simply on fire. What a fabulous player we have here. He was so dynamic on the night, so solid with his time, so good at making the right decisions on how to not overcrowd the guitar. Magical. Young Andrew on drums demonstrated the maturity that he is gaining, the intensity matching the space, the patience he shows as the tunes build and his solos which are just so engaging. What a way to end the year! Thank you to all who have made it such a special one.


Dave O'Higgins


Rob Luft


Scott Flanigan


Andrew McCoubrey

Session date

December 2023