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Eddie Gripper Trio

Eddie Gripper Trio

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Eddie Gripper Trio, live in session.

About the session

It has always been a focus of ours to champion youth and create opportunities for younger players to platform themselves and add our venue to their CVs. This young band, (all under 24), hail from a successful Cardiff University course, and are touring their debut album 'Home'. They have gathered considerable support for this tour and have had an action-packed year so far with rave reviews of their album and a combined sentiment that they are communicating their music in a positive way and have been identified as young champions of our music.

Parking the music for a few minutes, I wanted to personally compliment Eddie for his repartee with the audience, talking and telling the stories of the compositions and sharing the intimacy of the life-changing events that marked the inspiration for his music. It won our hearts and helped portray the intent of his messages before he played the tunes, lining up the audience for an indicative narrative. The band was personable and focused, and sold out of CDs after the gig, always a good sign! The music itself was wonderful with audience members waxing lyrical about the gig afterwards. They were so melodic in their approach to the writing, with improvisations that matched the intent of the music. Eddie's piano playing was effervescent, bubbling on top of the trio while Patrick’s subtlety and secureness of time proved the perfect partner as two close friends seemed to think as one. Ursula on bass was so impressive, with dynamic solos that belied her youth, intricate patterns motivically channeled, commanding in her own right. This was a special performance that put the trio on the map in these parts. They will be back.

Magy's Farm is unlike any venue I have played at in the UK. Linley and Maggie not only offer a totally bespoke and unique experience for their audience, but also for their artists; providing a distraction free and wholly welcoming space in which music flourishes.

- Eddie Gripper


Eddie Gripper


Ursula Harrison


Patrick Barrett-Donlon

Session date

April 2024

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