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Florian Arbenz, Jim Hart & Percy Purseglove

Florian Arbenz, Jim Hart & Percy Purseglove

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Florian Arbenz, Jim Hart & Percy Purseglove, live in session.

About the session

Hot on the heels of some incredible international bands we had in the previous weeks was another hosting a world-top ten player, vibraphonist and percussionist Jim Hart. First I would like to take this opportunity to say what a beautiful bunch of people the guys were. We never take the time in these reviews to say what we get out of this whole experience when the musicians come to stay with us, dine with us, feed the donkeys with us and unwind after the gig when everyone is gone. It's magical, and in this instance a very special hang. I couldn't wait to meet and hear in person the fabulous trumpeter Percy Pursglove, of NDR Big Band fame, a PhD recipient like myself and with a world-renowned flexibility on his instrument. Florian is himself accomplished being part of the acclaimed jazz group, 'Vein', and the incredible Mr. Hart on vibes, having guested with Wynton Marsalis' Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra and is a guest tutor at the Royal Academy. Three monster musicians with big hearts and calm, friendly demeanors who work magnificently as a musical team. The compositions were extraordinarily intricate, all contributing to the repertoire on the night, Jim moving on to percussion at times to join Florian and open the harmonic door to Percy who was creative and dynamic with an extensive upper register. It was a team effort throughout, but just the magic of hearing the vibes here for the first time made the hairs stand on the back of the neck in the intimacy of our now legendary performance space. It was stirring at times, with huge swings of dynamics that matched the intent of the musicians at any particular time, but more than anything it was democratic. They captured the room and their empathy as musicians was matched by their compassion as human beings. A standing ovation fitting in the circumstances. Please come back x


Florian Arbenz


Jim Hart

Vibraphone and percussion

Percy Purseglove

Session date

March 2024