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Jason Rebello and Tim Garland

Jason Rebello and Tim Garland

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Jason Rebello and Tim Garland, live in session.

About the session

Such an honour to welcome such decorated musicians to Magy's Farm. Jason Rebello, winner of Album of the Year and Best pianist at the British Jazz Awards, significant recording credits with Sting and Tommy Smith among others, and Tim Garland, saxophonist, Grammy for 'The New Crystal Silence' in 2009, and the 2006 Musician of the Year, Parliamentary Jazz Society, recorded with Chick Corea, Bill Bruford, Joe Locke and Geoff Keezer. And so it was to be; quite simply a remarkable performance. Two musicians at the top of their talents, bringing so much with them to the music. Jason was incredible. His playing was captivating with a magnificent approach to the duo format, weaving incessantly through the changes, providing security for Tim to explode at times on the soprano sax, fingers flying around the horn as the two wove an exhausting tapestry of harmonic excellence between them, each providing the palette for the other to explore. You couldn’t breathe at times, you just had to hold your breath in case you missed some little nuance. How they generated such energy on the night is difficult to put into words, but it was a privilege for us all to have witnessed.


Jason Rebello


Tim Garland

Session date

September 2023