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Jerrold Dubyk

Jerrold Dubyk

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Jerrold Dubyk, live in session.

About the session

This gig was so much fun for the Magy's Farm crew!

The experience now that Rohan and Andrew have, just from playing together on new projects here, but also at the fabulous Scott’s Jazz Club in Belfast, is so evident now.

Edmonton-based Canadian sax player Jerrold Dubyk, who studied with Linley some thirty years ago at Banff College of the Fine Arts in Alberta, has a golden tenor sound and an impressive technique. The band played a combination of Jerrold’s compositions and tunes from Linley’s new album which was recorded in the Spring.

It is hard not to have noticed the giant strides Andrew has made in the last year with an energy that steers the band dynamically and an edgy desire to create and recreate again, inspiring as he leads from the back of the stage. Linley and Greg respond with permanent smiles etched on their faces while Rohan digs into the bass for some intense passages and brilliant soloing. The band was really cooking, but Jerrold brought an authority to the occasion that was at all times well-paced, leading Linley in the sectional parts, harmonizing as if they had been playing every week for years, that chemistry of friendship bringing a spiritual sense of togetherness to the music.

The chops came out, everyone brought their A-Game, and the whole Magy’s Farm family, including the cats and the donkeys, hold their collective breath as we await news of Jerrold’s return to Ireland. Come back soon, you legend!


Jerrold Dubyk


Linley Hamilton


Greg Felton


Rohan Armstrong


Andrew McCoubrey

Session date

August 2022