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Jim Mullen Trio

Jim Mullen Trio

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Jim Mullen Trio, live in session.

About the session

Because of the level of musicians we have had here, (check the full artist list with reviews on the website), we probably under-sell the major artists in advance because we value them all so much and want the punters who come here to trust us in all our programming, but Jim Mullen is a true legend…a monster guitarist whose career has spanned 5 decades which has seen him work continuously with the best in the planet in this time.

I am delighted to share with you, that like the many master musicians we have met through the farm, this has not changed him as a person. In fact, he plays the way he is…genuine, sincere, passionate and with an innate sense of style. He has charisma, panache and a big personality that puts audiences at ease as they pick through the awesome musical lines that simply flow from him and through him.

Our own local legend and owner of Scott’s Jazz Club, Scott Flanigan, was on organ, and his masterful playing reminded us all why he is elevating himself to such cult status locally, a Doctor of Jazz with a 1st class Masters in Jazz and an ace educator who his bringing through a legion of inspired musicians, many of whom will surely make their mark here soon. Dominic Mullen, who I recorded two albums with myself, was rock solid, creative, tight, and a huge set of ears that followed Jim leads and matched Scott’s rhythmical harmonies.

There were several guitarists in the audience who had made the journey significantly, and as always, Maggie and I had our night made when the musicians talked so freely with the punters afterwards and we all shared a personal insight and reinforced how the musicians and audience are a team that in combination make magic happen. You'll be back!


Jim Mullen


Scott Flanigan


Dominic Mullen

Session date

April 2023