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Joel Frahm Trio

Joel Frahm Trio

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Joel Frahm Trio, live in session.

About the session

Well we have been waiting for this one for a long time. With Michael Brecker and Bob Berg no longer with us, a visit by one of the great tenor players of his generation was always going to be a highlight of our year, in fact, we have been counting down the days, as have been Northern Ireland saxophonists Barry McCrudden and Robert Wilson who had booked their tickets within minutes of the news...the Joel Frahm Trio would be playing Magy's Farm! Frahm is such a clever player, with a nonchalant use of quotes in his solos that are as fun as they are intellectual, delivered with an energy and commitment to the music that is infectious to all in the room. No mistake, this is a truly great musician, one who has recorded with Mehldau and who has just attained a Professorship in Texas where he will enrich the lives of many young musicians in a way they could not imagine. Joined by his true friends, both remarkable musicians, American Dan Loomis bass and Canadian Ernesto Cervini drums, the guys played a set of mostly original tunes that were written by each of them and on the night they introduced the songs they themselves wrote, once again bringing the narrative to the audience in advance so that we could engage with the tune, AND the meaning of the tune. Cervini and Loomis were so impressive: both commanding on their instruments, both creative with their writing, dynamic with their playing, locked in with their grooves. In addition, they won the hearts of the punters with their enthusiasm and fully engaged with those they had met while here, like John and Elaine at the Turnip House earlier in the day where we gorged on soup, cake and coffee, and had a love-in with their dog Freddie and cats Ash and Grace…adorable. Frahm was a gentleman, so sincere and charming, with stories that hooked us in as we could only imagine the life he has had playing the very top venues and festivals with the very best musicians on the planet, but here he was, in the heart of the Dromara hills, burning the room up at Magy's Farm. He was astounding, pure genius, majestic playing, fluent, tension and release ebbing and flowing with humorous quotes appearing from everywhere but true to the song, and to the other two musicians. Many who were there attested to this being the best gig they had ever seen, here or anywhere. Maggie and I sneakingly felt the same way. And when the gig itself was over, there was another surprise and in many ways the highlight of anything that has happened so far at Magy's Farm. The band would be doing an encore, and for that, they would be joined by my best friend for 35 years and monster musician Derek O’Connor who we all affectionately hold to our hearts as 'DOC'. The count-in was lightning fast, and they were off, for a blistering performance of Cherokee...jam session heaven, with two great saxophonists dueling with each other, DOC first, then Joel, then trading 8s before coming back in for a harmonised 'head' and a high note ending. It was a riot! People were standing, screaming, shaking their heads in disbelief. What had we witnessed? Well we all knew we were present for something very special, another historic entry to be made into the Magy's Farm diary...the day the DOC met Joel Frahm and everybody shared in the sheer joy of the magnificence we witnessed. This is a night we will never forget.

Magy's Farm is unlike any other venue I've ever played. The warmth of their welcome, the hospitality, the intimacy of the venue and the huge support from the audience...incredible and unforgettable! I'll be back! Linley and Maggie are true patrons of the arts and jazz needs this kind of support.

- Joel Frahm, American Saxophonist


Joel Frahm

Tenor sax

Dan Loomis


Ernesto Cervini

Session date

April 2024

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