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Julian Bohn and FRÉ

Julian Bohn and FRÉ

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Julian Bohn and FRÉ, live in session.

About the session

It is difficult to put into words just how special an evening this was. We have known Julian and Freddie for nearly ten years now since they met Linley in a business class in a music college in Enschede in Holland. They have been a couple for a number of years and their passion for life and general sense of good for all things is infectious.

As musicians, they have developed to a very high level, with Julian being one of the most complete and original jazz pianists in Amsterdam where they now reside. They have created an impressive catalogue of original music, but their delivery is so passionate and expressive that it is hard not to be moved. They came and played music from their new records and dazzled with technical prowess but at all times staying true to the context of the meaning of the song. The audience was united in spirit and gave them the standing ovation they so richly deserved.


Julian Bohn



Session date

September 2022