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Larry Goldings and Jake Sherman

Larry Goldings and Jake Sherman

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Larry Goldings and Jake Sherman, live in session.

About the session

What a night. In 2022, Larry Goldings blew our minds with his trio of Peter Bernstein guitar and Bill Stewart drums. We couldn't believe that night could happen, one of the leading organ trios in jazz history at Magy's Farm, but two years later he was back with Jake Sherman, who only weeks before won his first Grammy! There was so much more to do for this gig: the Hammond Organ and C3 speaker had to be hired and transported from Litton Lane in Dublin, taken out of their cases and brought into the venue. The stage set-up was big with Organ, piano, guitar and bass amps required for smaller specific keyboards, and microphones for both artists. Sound check slightly nerve-wrecking but all good in the end, the boys in for one of Maggie's Haloumi specials and smiles all around as the hard part was done. A full house of punters started arriving just after 7, looking stunned as they came into the kitchen to see Larry and Jake stroking the cats, having a cup of tea and relaxing as if they were at home; well we try and make the musicians feel that they are at home, not small specks on a stage some hundred yards away as punters normally see them, leaving the stage through a side door never to be seen again. Not here. Not at Magy's Farm. They would be back in the house to pose for photos, chat, share laughs with the audience and be as one...for / with not to / at...for the last gig of their European Tour.

The gig itself was incredible as you can imagine. Larry Goldings, one of the world's greatest musicians regardless of instrument, was simply immense. His bond with Jake transferred to the stage, his technical brilliance on display, but even more so his musicality, his ability to blend waiting for solos to take the opportunity to expand through his technical facility, dazzling improvisations with complex reharmonisations and intervallic patterns at speed, drawing gasps from the room. Jake, who smiled throughout as you would, a relaxed performer with a delicate vibrato-free voice that was as charming as it was convincing, and a most musical piano style. Everything about the performance was a joy as their immense friendship spilled over into the room. Back into the house after a standing ovation and just kept thinking...where do we go from here...???


Larry Goldings


Jake Sherman

Piano / vocals
Session date

February 2024