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Orlando Molina Quintet

Orlando Molina Quintet

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Orlando Molina Quintet, live in session.

About the session

Well this was a real treat, I have to say. Orlando Molina has written some magnificent music, influenced by the Latin American rhythms and sounds of his native Venezuela that the band brought to life in a very special way. In terms of the individual musicians, they all had a chance to shine on different occasions throughout the night as the arrangements highlighted them on different songs. Scott was immense as usual, comping so well behind and at times in combination with Orlando but never getting in the way. His improvisations dazzled and he fitted like a glove inside the quintet. Cormac O’Brien, who along with Matthew, does so much good for jazz in Ireland through their roles in DCU Jazz department, was assured throughout, Matt constantly creating and recreating, time rock-solid, exploring new ways to present the groove throughout the performance, an impactful contribution that was one of the stand-out ingredients. Steve Welsh on sax was a revelation. First time I’ve seen him and so impressive, fabulous sound and fluency in his playing, at times giving glimpses of the free approaches he is renowned for and launching into occasional bursts of highly dynamic lines that moved the other musicians into a more active zone within a zone, before carefully bringing it back to provide a new platform for the person who would carry the baton forward at the next stage of the tune. Orlando was magnificent though. His gorgeous tone on both electric and nylon guitars was dominant, the musical narrative of every piece laid down by him, his lines so authentic and well placed and his persona and stage presence both authorative and calming. This was one of the best performances by an Irish-based band we have had at the Farm…the pleasure all ours.


Orlando Molina


Dr. Scott Flanigan


Steve Welsh


Cormac O'Brien


Dr. Matthew Jacobson

Session date

March 2024

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