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Paul Clarvis, Liam Noble & Cathy Jordan

Paul Clarvis, Liam Noble & Cathy Jordan

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Paul Clarvis, Liam Noble & Cathy Jordan, live in session.

About the session

This is something we have wanted to host here from the start when we first planted the seeds at Magy's Farm. The positive force that is drummer / percussionist Paul Clarvis, renowned as part of the Hans Zimmer Orchestra, and thus his hands and feet are part of the Harry Potter soundtracks, Lord of the Rings and more, is the man who had the vision for this project that brought the jazz prowess and renowned inventiveness of London jazz pianist Liam Noble, together with the sensational Irish traditional vocalist from the celebrated and award-winning group Dervish, Cathy Jordan.

They totally turned the music on its head, songs written or presented by Jordan in a traditional setting, reworked with Clarvis laying down patterns and grooves which established the new musical environment, and Liam Noble creating the harmony with voicings and rhythmic motifs that only someone as individual as him could have come up with. It was magical...but the hang afterwards was one we may never forget, and will take some time to recover from. Hilarious stories from the road enhanced by the refined bottles of red that provided the perfect closure to a memorable evening.


Paul Clarvis

Drums and percussion

Liam Noble

Piano and keys

Cathy Jordan

Vocals and bones!
Session date

February 2023