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Ronan Guilfoyle, Jim Ridl and Stephen Keogh

Ronan Guilfoyle, Jim Ridl and Stephen Keogh

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Ronan Guilfoyle, Jim Ridl and Stephen Keogh, live in session.

About the session

Wow! Let's just start with that, shall we? Jim Ridl, one of New York’s finest jazz musicians with an embarrassment of riches in terms of CD and recorded back catalogue, a tornado of piano technique the like of which we have seldom witnessed here at Magy's Farm. Shear brilliance, dazzling flurries of musical genius, and yet delivered with such a high sensitivity. The music was a mixture of originals and jazz standards, but as would be expected, considerable thought went into creating arrangements that reflected the musicianship of the band. Musicianship was the key on the night. Stephen Keogh was glorious...high energy, low volume, fluent soloing when required but catching every little hit that formed the arrangement to exude a tightness that was appropriate for an international piano trio. Ronan Guilfoyle on bass once again demonstrating his mastery of his instrument, his meticulous relationship with time and his sheer inventiveness at every corner. It was a fabulous night that we will remember for a long time.


Jim Ridl


Ronan Guilfoyle


Stephen Keogh

Session date

October 2023