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Sara Colman, Rebecca Nash and Linley Hamilton

Sara Colman, Rebecca Nash and Linley Hamilton

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Sara Colman, Rebecca Nash and Linley Hamilton, live in session.

About the session

A tribute to Joni Mitchell, sure it was always going to be a winner. Sara Colman has been a main-stay at Sligo Jazz over the last number of years, an inspiring tutor who is central to the exciting jazz hub building up in Bristol these days. Rebecca Nash, a pianist who in her own right is on Whirlwind Recordings as a major artist, and who was dominant on the night, delivering intricate arrangements as the only solo rhythm-section instrument, so bringing out bass lines, providing the chordal harmony and magnificent soloing that was connected at all times to the narrative of the song. I was delighted to play my part and offer lyrical interjections of my own, but I think everyone went away from this gig believing they had witnessed a major star in Sara Colman. She had this gorgeous vibrato hook, a tendency to ease off the gas in the upper register, and a buoyant approach to scatting when that was required. She also told the story of the gig on the night, bringing an insight into the meaning of the songs that unified the audience, a spirit of contentment that followed us all into the kitchen at the end of the night as we embraced the communion between band and audience. Thank you ladies.


Sara Colman


Rebecca Nash


Linley Hamilton

Session date

October 2023

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