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Stéphane Mercier Trio

Stéphane Mercier Trio

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Stéphane Mercier Trio, live in session.

About the session

This is one of the very few return-gigs we have had at the farm so far, although we expect that the relationship we have built up with the band that have played here will mean that we will extend the welcome again if they tour Ireland sometime in the future.

A chordless-trio – no piano or guitar. That can go one of two ways normally; it can free them up to explore the far reaches of the music or they can close ranks and share the responsibilities for melody, harmony and rhythm more than usual, stepping outside the confines of the normal role for the instrument. This gig was closer to the latter, with an extra-special connection to the melody which saw the band play dynamically with each other and Stéphane highly expressive on the tenor, leading with his intention to how he would partner tension and release, thus gripping the audience in the process. Dave Redmond was particularly strong, a huge bass sound which saw him work the instrument with a low amp setting, so his fingers attacked or caressed as was musically appropriate. His tight working relationship with drummer Darren Beckett locked everything in.

Beckett himself was extraordinary. Taking advantage of the expansion of his role, he led with high energy low volume playing, intricate passages and outrageous solos, with transitions between the sections that were so tight it must have been beautiful to play over.

An international trio with a musical approach unique to them, and a delightful highly musical experience for one and all.


Stéphane Mercier

Tenor sax

Dave Redmond


Darren Beckett

Session date

April 2023