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Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Tamarae, live in session.

About the session

How many times have I said this...I was really looking forward to this one. It's about 9 years ago now that I was teaching Music Business in Eschede College of Music, Holland. I did one-to-ones with all the students, and Tamara just happened to be one of them. Since then, she has become a star in her own right with a cracking rhythm section who are all equally talented as individuals and totally committed to the music, moving countries every few years to broaden their profile and experience. Tristan and Ignacio are superb musicians who not only display individual brilliance but form a rock-solid rhythm section foundation that frees Tamara up altogether, the lock-in grooves of the bass reducing the rhythmic necessity for the guitar, allowing Tamara to play melodic link-lines of her own that make the band sound so much bigger than a three-piece. The material was mostly original with tight arrangements, and seamless transitions and Tamara's unique voice and endearing charm delivering the narrative of the songs with the most un-invasive intent. It was beautiful, and such an honour to share those moments with them at this stage of their career. As is the case with most young bands that stay here, Maggie's cooking, the mountains, the donkeys and the cats gave them an immersive experience they will seldom find in their career.


Tamara Bass

Vocals / guitar

Ignacio Santoro


Tristan Guillame

Session date

November 2023

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