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Tom Ollendorff and Aaron Parks

Tom Ollendorff and Aaron Parks

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Tom Ollendorff and Aaron Parks, live in session.

About the session

It's hard to believe this gig was happening the same week as Larry and Jake. Sometimes you just have to say yes when circumstances make these things happen. Our response is usually to just say yes and try and make it work, especially when the person asking is UK guitarist Tom Ollendorff. This would be Tom's fourth visit here. The first involved Ari Hoenig, which was the gig that opened our eyes to the possibilities of what we could build here so he holds a special place in our heart. He is so familiar with the surroundings that he had briefed Aaron on the place, the vibe, Maggie's cooking, and so when we met Aaron, it felt like we had known each other for years. This was a much easier set-up...guitar and piano...intimate, just like the room. Every nuance could be clearly heard, Tom's effervescent and technically brilliant guitar playing, his writing which is so well structured, his ability to comp behind the piano, his tone on the melodies, his friendly persona on stage and his communication with the other musician, all things which contribute to the massive reputation he is developing. He is so passionate about his music: always practicing and even posting videos of himself practicing, tunnel vision for the future, garnered through the present. Aaron Parks, well where does one start. Downbeat have him on their piano and rising stars list, meaning he is in their estimate in the top ten in the world in both categories, and is also an integral part of the James Farm Quartet with Joshua Redman. Well it was no surprise then that even though they presented themselves in a relaxed fashion, the magnitude of their musicianship would be translated by all in the room. Parks was on fire; intricate, technically brilliant, dynamically aware, drawing the room in, elevating Tom to possibly new heights, but just creating this awe-inspiring presence that meant we knew we were in the presence of greatness, and I use this word with care. Aaron Parks is one the world's greatest living jazz pianists, travelling the planet to perform with the highest profile musicians and bands, creating a recorded legacy that critics acclaim in glowing terms. He is often described as one of the pianists who is redefining jazz piano, it's function as an improvising instrument, his ability to combine the many individual strengths needed to play at the highest level in a way maybe not seen often before. We were so proud to have him as our guest. Another magical thing happened though that many may have missed. Present in the audience were Dr. Scott Flanigan and Professor Frank Lyons. Frank and I supervised Scott's PhD, the case studies of which were on Brad Mehldau, and you guessed it, AARON PARKS!! Frank and Scott met Aaron in the flesh for the first time at Magy's Farm...where magic happens x


Tom Ollendorff (UK)


Aaron Parks (USA)

Session date

March 2024