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Torsten Goods

Torsten Goods

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Torsten Goods, live in session.

About the session

A super-band was assembled for this very special gig which welcomed German guitarist / vocalist Torsten Goods back to Ireland. Torsten's mum, believe it or not, is from North Belfast, and so it gave us a chance to claim him as our own, (after all, if this was rugby rather than jazz, he could be playing for Ireland)! The band – Darren Beckett drums, Charlie Foley electric bass and Cian Boylan on keys. Now to be honest, I knew what to expect, so as you can imagine, the pleasure it was for me to see the punters with their mouths hanging open, shaking their heads in disbelief, screaming and even getting out of their seats to dance in absolute ecstasy. Torsten is an absolute monster – Benson-esque at times, that innate ability to not only improvise complex lines on the guitar in a soul / funk style with an advanced jazz harmony applied, but to sing in unison with it at the same time – always captivating. Darren Beckett brought to the table everything he has – the perfect drummer for this gig. His years with American rock band Ambulance, with Steely Dan's Jim Beard and Jon Herington as part of Madeleine Peyroux's band, as part of the New York and London jazz scene, totally flexible as he flits between genres. Cian Boylan, well many of you will know him as part of my band – not only my keyboard player but co-writer and producer, key to everything creative that I do. He was immense in a supportive role here. The man who stole the show for me was the bass player, Dublin's Charlie Foley. He played out of his skin, had internalised the most intricate of parts and was nailing, leading and holding down the groove then blistering solos that lit up the band's faces as they knew there were several more gears available to them, which they dutifully climbed to. This was one of the best gigs we have ever had here, memories that everyone will cherish


Torsten Goods

Guitar / vocals

Darren Beckett


Charlie Foley


Cian Boylan

Session date

November 2023

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