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Trio Grande 2.0

Trio Grande 2.0

Live at Magy's Farm sessions

Magy's Farm are proud to present Trio Grande 2.0, live in session.

About the session

OK, what just happened? I'm wrecked. That was surely the most amazing musical experience of my life!

One of the most highly regarded jazz trios in the world, graced us with their presence at Magy’s Farm. Trio Grande 2.0 – Will Vinson sax and Fender Rhodes, Gilad Hekselman guitar and bass, Nate Wood, drums and bass AT THE SAME TIME!!! If I hadn't witnessed it, I never would have believed it.

This little memory isn't about profiling these incredible musicians, feel free to do a little bit of investigating them yourself. No, this is about capturing the feeling in the room, the magic that was created and shared, the genius that makes these musicians as individuals, among the highest rated on their instruments in the world. It was AMAZING!! When Nate Wood played drums and electric bass at the same time, around 70% of the gig, Gilad played guitar, but when he played drums only, Gilad tapped his foot-pedal and switched from guitar amp to bass amp and played bass on the top two strings, which had a pick-up, while Will found key roles for himself on both sax and keys, with a ferocity and complexity within the band that I have never witnessed before. It was immense, one of those nights when our opinions of what is possible in music have been altered forever going forward.

Did I say they were three of the nicest guys you could meet? They most certainly were, and they made a new friend in Maggie's home-made crumble that is fast reaching legendary status. One of our most spectacular nights at the farm, etched permanently in our memories.


Will Vinson

Sax and Fender Rhodes

Gilad Hekselman

Guitar and bass

Nat Wood

Drums and bass
Session date

November 2022

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