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The New Magy's Farm Website is launched!

Date posted: 16th July 2021
Category: General
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We are delighted to be releasing the brand new website which will be the Home for Magy's Farm!

We celebrate music here with a 40-seater venue, rehearsal space and mentoring arena with concerts, online sessions and touring facilities our key speciality. We invite you to explore Magy's Farm Sessions, with which we aim to provide opportunities for musicians, as well as a space for music to grow.

Magy's Farm Sessions, which commenced November 2019, has provided us with an opportunity to introduce a wide number of national and international musicians to our local membership and beyond.

Whether it be Jazz, Folk, Songwriters, Artists or new ensembles from the scene in Ireland, or artists and bands who are touring Ireland and looking for a venue to play in NI, we are open for business. We have had Belfast group 'The Sazeracs' led by pianist / vocalist Kyron Bourke and the celebrated Dana Masters Band led by Dana who has been Van Morrison's backing vocalist since 2013.

The 'Sessions' commenced with a concert by Nashville songwriter Jude Johnstone and her band, and that was followed by a spectacular show by Foy Vance. In addition, we had a Christmas Concert by the FSQ String Quartet, an amazing jazz event led by Cork trombonist Paul Dunlea which featured UK musicians Steve Hamilton piano, Andy Bain drums and Mike Janisch bass. John Donegan from Limerick brought his trio featuring John Daly drums and Barry Donoghue bass, and the fabulous young trad / folk Duo Blue Orchard, Mickey Fearon and Oisin O'Murchu, blew the roof off! Our closing live concert before lockdown in March 2020 was a hard act to follow: the sublime Jim Beard piano and Jon Herington guitar from Steely Dan! Browse our catalogue of Past Sessions to find out more about these fantastic live gigs.

The Session

Jude Johnstone Band

Nov 2019 • Americana, jazz

Lockdown didn't defeat us, but we had to move from live audience to online, and so with the StudioKin video production team, we staged a number of half-hour video sessions which went out as YouTube premier events. These included memorable concerts by the 'Sazeracs', 'Ken Haddock', 'Micky and Oisin' and the Scott Flanigan Trio, all of which are available to watch through the website. As lockdown eases, we are hoping to move back to live performances again and will be posting a diary of upcoming gigs as soon as we are allowed.

Watch the video session

The Sazeracs

Recorded Mar, 2021  • Jazz

The Sazeracs comprise Kyron Bourke piano / vocals, Linley Hamilton trumpet, Steve Davis drums. The guys played regularly on Sunday evenings in Bert’s Jazz Bar before lockdown, and have uniquely arranged the music of Leonard Cohen, Billy Joel, Tom Waitts, James Taylor and many more within a jazz context.

We are also excited to share news of our Magy's Farm Collective, where we nurture the creative talents of Niamh Murray, Clodagh May, Cara Quinn, Rhian Brownlow and Lara O’Donnell. Part of the plan for Magy's Farm was always going to be about developing young talent, a passion we both share. In one way, we could provide a space for people to work and network, a community where we could provide resources to those creative musicians who needed a leg up. We always saw though that there was more that we could do and we initiated the Magy's Farm Collective with a target to 'grow music', but also to put in place a structure which would allow us to use our extensive contacts and bring together like-minded musicians, engineers, producers and tutors who could provide mentorship in a positive environment with a shared vision.

We discovered these five young, extraordinarily talented female vocalists who had started dabbling in songwriting, who Linley had lectured at UU Magee and offered them a place at the 'Magy's Farm Collective'.

Niamh is playing CQAF at the OH yeah Centre 9 September and we'll keep you posted here about ticket sales. All five girls will be releasing singles this side of Christmas. And so it begins!

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